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    Building awareness on NALSA Schemes for unorganised workers

    CFAR Pune conducted a Legal Awareness Programme on NALSA schemes for workers in the unorganized sector, at the Sahaya Single Window, on 23rd Feb. 2017. Member Secretary DLSA, Mr. Raosaheb Kokare, Adv. Jalal Pathan, Mr. Prabhakar Kamble and Adv. Nanda Jadhav were present at the event; as were forty seven (47) Community representatives from  Vishrantwadi, Shramik Vasahat, Jadhav Nagar, Laxmi Nagar 1 and 2, Kamraj Nagar, Mozhe Nagar, Yashvant Nagar and Barma Shel Vasti.

    The event commenced with a presentation on how the Single Window has been enrolling those who were applying for Ration Cards, subsidies for the construction of Individual House Hold Toilet (IHHL), ICDS schemes and programmes run by the Pune Municipal Corporation for urban poor populations, physically challenges persons and others. Reports were also presented on the various other activities that were organized by the Single Window.

    Adv. Jalal Pathan, Panel Member of DLSA, discussed the schemes that were being conducted by the Labor Welfare Department, for workers in unorganized sectors. While doing so, he shared information on the registration process, annul charges/ fees and how these schemes provide social security and social and educational development for unorganized workers. For example, the annual registration charge of Rs 68.00 entitles the person to get medical assistance of up to Rs. 5 lakhs a year as well as educational benefits for their children etc.

    During the discussion that followed, community representative spoke of the problems unorganized workers had in getting themselves registered and availing of benefits.

    Community representative Gulnar Shaikh said that when they had tried to register under the various schemes the concerned official did not provide the necessary information on the registration process and the benefits provided by the schemes.

    Community representative Ujalla Shigvan spoke of a property dispute in a family and asked that free legal guidance and legal Aid by provided at the Sahaya Single Window. She also mentioned family disputes and domestic violence cases of others in the community.

    Members Secretary Mr. Raosaheb Kokare, announced that a Free Legal Aid Clinic would be started in March 2017, especially for women in the unorganized sector, at the Sahaya Single Window. He also invited the Principal District Judge of Pune Mr. Prithviraj Chavan for the inauguration of the Legal Aid Clinic.

    Participants were also assured that a joint meeting would be held with  the Labor Commissioner to smoothen the process of registration of domestic workers in the second week of March 2017.

    In conclusion Mr. Kokare said that he has been keenly following the reports that have been appearing on the various activities of the Single Window and added  that he was particularly impressed with the reports on capacity building of grass root workers that was held in January 17, 2017 and periodic assessment held in December 2016.