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    Capacity Building Training on Fecal Sludge and Septage Management (FSSM)

    Capacity Building Training on Fecal Sludge and Septage Management (FSSM) for Masons and Community Management Committee was organized in Delhi on December-1-2, 2017.

    The workshop was a step towards developing and strengthening a unified community platform to bring together Masons and Community Management Committee members to discuss varied possibilities of implementing FSSM for achieving complete sanitation in a sustainable way. It is an attempt to link behavior change with the right technique of sanitation for a continued and sustained practice.

    The main objective of this training was to help Masons and CMC members develop an understanding on FSSM by teaching them right techniques for construction of septic tanks.

    These trained masons will become the front line leaders and agents of change and reach out to other for implementing the right techniques of FSSM

     “Though we were in this field for so many years, we were focusing more on the construction rather than the right techniques of construction and the purpose of those techniques, from now on we will ensure to de- sludge septic tanks every three years.” – Girdhari, Mason- Karotiya Camp

    It’s our profession after all. It’s our job to inform the owners if they have no knowledge on the issue.” Ramcharan, Mason

    “We will take forward the learning of the workshop to other CMC and male member in the settlements. I learnt and will ensure that the toilet should be constructed ten feet away from the water source. I now know that we cannot construct septic tank or twin pit in both rocky and wet lands”Mahabiri,CMC member

     “There are not toilets in our settlement, all were broken down by the government. The toilets that are there, are at large distances from the settlement, people finally go in open. Kids end up missing school, the waste from tank goes in drains. We need sewer that will solve our problem“- Kaushalya, Janta Mazdoor Colony

    Way Forward:

    • Taking the knowledge of technical training to the community
    • Adopting soft techniques of reaching out to the community in ways easily understood by them so that the community can engage , be responsible and take accountability for themselves in ensuring FSSM
    • Help in converting insanitary toilets to sanitary toilets
    • Jointly working out solutions within the existing infrastructure which can be locally applied
    • Organize robust feasibility study of the area and decide on the appropriate techniques of area specific FSSM.
    • Continuous effort to reach out to Masons, to sensitize and train them the right techniques of construction. Along with this, DUSIB, MCD and the government agencies should recognize and certify trained masons to motivate and strengthen the ongoing effort to enhance FSSM process.