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    Convergence on Water Sanitation and Hygiene and ICDS

    Convergence on Water Sanitation and Hygiene and ICDS

    Nutrition cum Sanitation Camps

    International Women’s Day, March 8, 2017

     Women spend so much time looking after their husbands, children and others in the family that they ignore their own health. I have understood today that as women age they face many deficiencies; therefore looking after one’s own health is very important.Chandravati, Karotia Camp

    I learnt several things from this camp. One is that sprouts are a healthy form of iron and protein. The other is that we should change our habits, wash hands our hands with soap before and after a meal and make a healthy gruel for elderly and children using gram flour, soybean, milk and sugar. –Sahrunisha, IG Camp, Ashram

     By participating in this camp I learnt what foods are essential for the development of children- Jaya Devi, Rajasthani Camp, Sarita Vihar

    Health and sanitation are closely linked. We need to take care of both cleanliness and nutrition. This is the road to good healthLaxmi Devi, Janta Jeewan Camp, Okhla