Ms. Kashibai, President, Kranti Mahila Sangh, Solapur, spoke on how the Single Window had helped to bridge the gap between knowledge and action. She said that even earlier they knew about various schemes but they hesitated to apply because they thought they will never get them.

To stress this point, she related how the District Officer had offered to give training to sex workers in tailoring along with a sewing machine under a DCWD tailoring training programme. Over 300 women immediately enrolled for the training but they all dropped our after he asked them to sign an undertaking that they will stop sex work once they get the sewing machine. Most of the women opted out of the training because they knew they would not earn enough through tailoring but it was seen as unwillingness on the part of the women to get out of sex work.

Ms. Kashibai Jadhav said that she uses this example to make officials and policy makers understand that any support to sex workers should be unconditional