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Care and Support for Elderly: Teeja Devi Gets Her Pension After 13 Months

Teeja Devi, resident of Swami Basti, Sindhi Camp, has restricted mobility. She has not got any pension for the last 13 months as she has not been unable to complete her documentation. She has been facing lot of challenges due to the lockdown. “I am old and helpless, with my aching bones, how will I

Bhawna, Misaal Sanitation Committee

Bhawna (40) has been living at Saragara Basti, Jodhpur for so long that everyone calls her Bhawnaji Bai-saa. People respect her and go to her with their problems because they have faith in her. Hence, she feels it becomes her responsibility to help them as much as she can. Bhawana is educated and committed for

Hunger helpline reaching out to people in need in Ajmer, Rajasthan

Combating lockdown in the country as also in Ajmer, (Rajasthan) the Hunger helpline started on 24 March– commencement of the lockdown. It has since helped in providing food to the needy and most vulnerable population. Hunger helpline was started by Ajmer Administration to provide food to all those who are in need, and is managed

Women from our projects work as warriors even as their difficulties grow

Pune, March 30: Even when they are overwhelmed by their own difficulties, these women and men are performing a number of tasks to keep others safe. Hundreds of women and men who are part of our community-based projects are playing a role in keeping people safe and helping them tide over the problems following the

Helpdesks are raising awareness on CIVID-19 and identifying vulnerable people in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: The helpdesks are still working, but the content of their work has changed. It is now about the threat of COVID-19 and how to keep oneself and community members safe. Until recently, Pavasini Nayak, a helpdesk member from Eshaneswar Basti, Ward 14, was busy helping people entitlements such as pensions, citizenship documents like aadhaar

Community education and action in the time of coronavirus: CMC members show the way in Jaipur

Jaipur: They may be down, but they are not out. Their social profile will not make heads turn – domestic workers, ragpickers, transgenders and daily-wagers – but their determination to make a difference will. In a city locked down by coronavirus, they are continuing to do what they did – educating community members about sanitation, keeping