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Courage and hope despite problems in Delhi slums

New Delhi: Job losses have not deterred people from doing what they can to keep themselves and their communities safe from coronavirus. Members of the Community Management Committees (CMCs) and other forums created by Centre for Advocacy and Research (CFAR) are also working with the people in their neighborhoods to help them and also gathering

Celebrating Menstrual Health & Awareness Day on 5th February 2020

Understanding the urgency of pushing the stigma of Mensuration away, CFAR Bhubaneswar, celebrated Happy Periods Day, with blend of enthusiasm, joy and creating awareness. Talking about periods openly still makes girls uncomfortable and to break this silence, active dialoguing and pictorial presentation through Greeting cards, posters was initiated in 7 settlements in Bhubaneswar. The pictures

It is more than an enterprise for Delhi’s “padwomen”

The self-help group run by women in Okhla is making Sakhi sanitary napkins with use of eco-friendly material New Delhi: They are already being hailed by India’s national media as Delhi’s padwomen. The women of Mazdoor Kalyan Camp, a modest locality in New Delhi’s Okhla area, are a determined lot. They sit in their ‘unit’