May, 2021

COVID-19 Response Newsletter

From the Executive Director’s Desk
Since April 2021, when we witnessed a resurge of the pandemic and governments imposing lockdowns in different parts of the country, we once again began to reach out to urban poor HHs, especially those with no ration cards, homeless and the thousands who have lost their livelihoods with basic relief. 
Over the past month our team over 100 Help-desk -Single Window Forum members and community volunteers in every basti have tirelessly  worked to deliver nutrition and dry ration kits, masks and PPE through doorstep delivery  to those who need it most – the elderly, single women, leprosy affected persons with disabilities, transgenders, sex workers, ragpickers, domestic workers, construction workers, homeless and socially excluded groups, among others. They line listed households with COVID infected persons with information on nearest testing and care center, vaccination camps, and linked them with community kitchens for cooked food for patients, counselling services and COVID response schemes of the government.   
Our efforts to reach the poor have been supported by generous contributions from Azim Premji Foundation, Value First, and philanthropic individual donors, well-wishers, friends and family. We are grateful for their support. 
Read this newsletter to get glimpses of our work and meet the people who are making a difference to the lives of many in Ajmer, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Coimbatore, Delhi, Jaipur, Salem, and Madurai. 
Akhila Sivadas
Executive Director
106 kits distributed in D 12/ 1 JJ Camp, Okhla by Help-desk member, Sulekha
100 kits distributed in D Block JJ Camp, Okhla by Help-desk member, Kamlesh
50 kits distributed  at Janta Majdoor Colony Jafrabad North-east district by Sunita, Kaushalya and volunteers
205 kits distributed in in 169 Janata Jeewan and T Block, Janta Jeewan Camp  by Help-desk member, Monica and Rimpa. 
189 kits distributed in  Janata Jeevan Camp, Okhla by Help-desk member, Monica
18  kits distributed in T-9 Janata Jeevan Camp, by Help-desk member, Rimpa
86 kits distributed in Bilaspur Camp by Help-desk member, Tannu
119 kits distributed in Madanpur Khadar Block B by Help-desk member, Deepa
56 kits distributed in Khadda Colony with the help of volunteers, Fatima and Suman
100 kits distributed in D Block Janata Jeewan Camp by volunteer, Renu
45 kits distributed by volunteer Rakesh to visually impaired persons in Sultanpuri
508 kits distributed by Help-desk members, Ram Prakash, Pushpa, Megha, Hajira, Indu, Rakesh among transgenders and sex workers in Kirari, Rohini, Budhvihar and Shakarpur 
37 HHs in Anand Vihar-families with no ration cards, single women, young mothers, elderly, daily wage workers, tenants reached out with relief by Help-desk members Sarita and Vimla.
360 children  and 200 elderly, single and daily wage workers  in Bhatti Mines  received ration and supplementary nutrition kits delivered with support of volunteer, Rajeev Rockwell
Help-desk member Jaya and volunteer Sainath delivered ration kits to 52 leprosy affected person in Kusth Ashram, Delhi
1600 N 95 masks were provided to homeless persons living in 16 Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board managed Shelter Homes in East Delhi  with support of  McKS Food for the Hungry Foundation in partnership with volunteers from Sadik Masih Medical Servants Society
Relief materials distributed to 15  sex workers and transgender with the support of Mahalakshmi, Single Window Forum member
Distribution of relief kits to 15 transgender by Shilpa,  transgender Help-desk member
Supporting Visually Impaired Persons with Disability to Rebuild their Livelihood
Nukkad Natak on COVID Vaccine Awareness
Anand Parbat, Transit Camp
“I am Lalita, a 32-year-old widow living in T 9 Janta Jeewan Camp. I lost my husband in February, he was diagnosed with HIV. The doctor said that he had TB for many years.  My five-year-old son and I have also tested positive. My health is deteriorating day by day and it is increasingly becoming difficult for me to walk or do any housework.
My daughter who is ten years old looks after us and the family. We have no ration card, no work and collected alms outside the temple to feed ourselves. This has also stopped due to the lockdown and we are forced to drink water as there is no food. I have decided to send my daughter with her maternal uncle to Chattisgarh so that she is not left alone if something happens to me”.
(Name changed to protect the identity of the family)
“I am Mithilesh age 27 years living in T 9 Janta Jeewan Camp. We are a family of five, my elderly father-in-law who is visually impaired, two boys age 11 and 7 years and my husband. All three of us are disabled. Prior to the lockdown my husband who uses crutches to walk supported our family by selling roasted gram, groundnuts and sweets in the neighborhood. After the lockdown even this work has stopped. We have no money, no food and are dependent on whatever little support we can get from our neighbours or from NGOs. We don’t have a ration card so we cannot claim ration from the PDS shop.  My husband and I can live by eating once a day, but I can’t bear to see my children sleep on an empty stomach.”
“Santosh lives with his disabled wife and two children aged five and three in kutchi colony on the outskirts of Madanpur JJ colony. The family was asked to vacate the room as they could not pay rent after Santosh was retrenched from the factory where he was working. His mobile phone, jacket and shoes were also taken away by the landlord. All household goods were confiscated in lieu of rent. His wife works as a domestic worker, but with the lockdown she was asked to stay at home. The only source of income is a meagre disability pension Santosh receives. There is no other source of income and the family is desperately seeking support.”

                                             The family in happier times

Relief Status: April 13- May 18, 2021
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