Strengthening Partnership with NGOs (2009-11)


Based on the learnings and experiences of the earlier phase of intervention, CFAR initiated the project Strengthening Implementation of Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act (PCPNDT) in 12 districts of Rajasthan in 2009. The project was implemented over a period of three years. The main objectives of this phase of work was (i) to implement the laws that are for the regulation of unethical medical practices, (ii) make intervention in the medical practice and private hospitals in order to change behavior of the medical professionals and (iii) make efforts to change the societal morality that privileges male child against the female child thus affecting the demand coming from the “son preference”.

The continued association with partner NGOs trained before the commencement of this project helped in working intensively in the districts. As the Review of  project (2011) notes :

The partner organizations networked with the government officials, and on their own they were  able to approach them and negotiate on the actions to be taken. They have helped in bringing about a shift in perception, from denial to acceptance of sex determination as a ‘real issue’ among the officials. They have been playing a crucial role in conducting surveys of the health centres and doctors, increasing number of inspection of the sonography centre’s, in identifying the suspect centres which could be raided by the authorities, and so on. All of them had the data of their districts, including some comments on the trends found in the medical audit.

They have been able to mobilize volunteers for the campaign – wall postering, slogan writing, signature campaigns, organizing ‘balika janmotsav samaroh’, giving certificates to the women with girl children, organizing rallies and so on. At block and district level, they have succeeded in drawing groups and individuals in ‘beti bachao andolans’.

Source: Review Report 2011