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Community Management Committee training


To develop a shared conviction on access to sanitation as a basic life affirming entitlement and right, an Orientation Training was conducted for Community Management Committee (CMCs) members on March 28, 2018, in Delhi. Twenty seven (27) participants from Vishwas Nagar, Shastri Mohalla, Khichdipur , Janta Jeewan Camp, Janta Jeewan Camp, Amar Jyoti Camp, Sanjay Colony, Mazdoor Kalyan Camp and Janta Jeewan Rajeev Camp attended the training.

During the training, Lead Managers from CMCs in new settlements were identified and the roles and responsibilities of CMC members were established through shared visioning and problem solving. The participants were also trained to engage with the government not just as providers but as duty-bearers.

Experience sharing

When participants were asked to share their vision for their entire settlement they spoke of how:

“Household toilets exit wastes into drains resulting in the drains getting clogged” 

“Clean and sufficient water should be available but the pressure is so low at times that many houses do not get water”

The drains are constantly getting clogged but they cannot be de silted because slabs have been placed over them and even houses have been built over them. So there is overflowing and dirty water and vermin enters our homes. If this problem could be addressed our basti would become livable”

The final session meanwhile focused on encouraging the group to arrive at an understanding of why it is important to work towards a sustainable sanitation agenda and how the community has a significant role in furthering it. Interestingly, the response to who should drive the effort ranged from pessimism to the need to work with the government to better their living area….

Sarkar to sirf bana ke degi usko rakhrakhav to hamko karna hoga (Government will only give us a toilet but its management has to be done by us)

Ganda hum karenge to sarkar pani dalney thodi ayegi (If we litter the place the government will not come to pour water)

Sarkar basti mein thodi rehti who thodi zimmedari legi (The Government does not live in bastis, why would they take the responsibility?)

Sarkar hamare vote se banta hai, sarkar to hum hi hai isliye humko ek saath mikar kaam karna hai (Governments are formed when we vote, so we are also a part of the government and need to work together)