Community Management Committee (CMC)

We at CFAR are committed to build a system of sustained engagement of, by and for the community. In order to do so we adapt multiple strategies and processes to translate and channelize collectivization into meaningful and constructive action. Community Management Committee or CMC as is popularly known is a settlement level forum of empowered and committed women who believe that change is possible when one takes ownership and responsibility of one’s life and people around to make a difference. CMC in other sense is the very essence of community intervention. Comprising of 10-15 members in each group, the CMC members are very vigilant and works towards ensuring and managing basic minimum services like water, sanitation and hygiene in one’s own settlement. Apart from managing the sanitation services, the CMC members acts as a bridge between service provider and user and ensure that the stakeholders act to their needs immediately. CMC members works very closely with the local councilor and ULBs, to ensure better sanitation services at their respective settlements. Apart from ensuring quality sanitation services, CMC also supports community members in accessing social entitlements, education and livelihoods. They use various innovative techniques like visual and media advocacy, wall paintings, community newsletters, posters, artwork to raise awareness on sanitation and overall quality of life. 


Through community engagement CMCs are striving to strengthen sustainable practices by ensuring that the programme specific component reaches and benefits populations that are most in need; also ensures that the community gets informed; duty-bearers engage with the priorities and needs of the community and last but not the least capacitate implementers to deliver in a timely and meaningful manner