Social Inclusion

Promoting inclusive development, mainstreaming and social integration of women in sex work, transgender persons and sexual minority through community centred policy change and praxis- a community led pilot project

Putting communities at the centre of the response has been one of the key strategies used by CFAR over the last two decades. From 2012-2017, leaders from sex workers organisations (CBO), transgender and sexual minority populations have attempted to mainstream their concerns, promote an inclusive development agenda and address social and policy exclusion in 5 States – Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Manipur.

5 years down the line (around 2011-2012), these groups were grappling with the issue of getting recognised as legible citizens and due entitlement holders. Their concerns ranged from “being discriminated due to their profession” (MandaChavan) to systemic ambiguities “over not being able to fulfil the scheme inclusion criteria” (Pushpalata, KTK)

Today (2017), they have “bridged the gap between knowledge and action” and have made policy makers realise that “programme and policies need to be framed with due sensitivity to community concerns”. (Kashibai’s from National Dissemination Meet Report)

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