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Celebrating Menstrual Health & Awareness Day on 5th February 2020

Understanding the urgency of pushing the stigma of Mensuration away, CFAR Bhubaneswar, celebrated Happy Periods Day, with blend of enthusiasm, joy and creating awareness.

Talking about periods openly still makes girls uncomfortable and to break this silence, active dialoguing and pictorial presentation through Greeting cards, posters was initiated in 7 settlements in Bhubaneswar. The pictures presented on the concept of “Happy periods” were expressed in various forms, by different participants. The colourful greeting cards reflected the thought process of each of the adolescent girls participated. The competition was judged jointly by MAS President of ward 63 and CFAR team and as a small token of appreciation; three winners were awarded small prizes by CFAR.

All the participants were invited to the office and all their greeting cards were exhibited for everyone to see. There was active interaction with the group of 16 adolescents and each of them shared their experiences during their menstrual time. They were also shown the video titled: ‘Taking Collective Action and Sharing the Step by Step Process’ -Presenting the intervention of young people of Rajasthani Camp, Delhi” for their learning and reflections.

The same day another activity was carried out in a Govt High school, with a gathering of 175 students; the students assembled were from classes 6 to 9. All the students were excited to participate in the poster making competition on the theme and the best posters judged by their school Art teacher were awarded by CFAR in the presence of the teachers.

The students were shown the same video for their reflection followed by open discussion in the class room. A small session was also taken up by a Trans woman, Field Coordinator on Gender sensitisation and understanding the recognition and perspective of Transgender. The session added to the meagre understanding they all had on the Transgender issues. It was followed by an interactive session on all their concerns and doubts.

Thus the observation of the day ended with celebrations by collective participation, active dialoguing, joy and pride of otherwise, “difficult days” in a woman’s life.

Observation of “Happy Periods Day” in the CFAR office premise

Ayesha Behera, Field Coordinator, CFAR and a Transgender herself sensitising the students on Transgender issues

Archita Behera , Student of Class vii , conveying the message of Women Empowerment through her poster

Showcasing the posters with their teachers