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IEC/BCC/SBCC Trainings in Bihar

Training On Information Education Communication / Behavior Change Communication and Social Behavior Change (IEC/BCC/SBCC) 

Venue: Garv Residencia, Gaya

DATE: 27th– 28th August 2019

Time: 9:30 am- 5:00 pm

Two-day training programmes for IEC Nodal Officers for implementing BCC Activities and processes are being organized by District State Health Society in collaboration with Centre for Advocacy and Research across Bihar. The basic objective of these trainings is to to enhance communication skills focused on effective social mobilization in targeted communities. 

The first leg of trainings was held in Gaya, Bihar with a high attendance by fifty one participants comprising of Medical Officers (MOIC) and Health Managers (Communication) of Gaya. The training focused on the utilization of techniques such as print media, social media, audio-visual medium and street plays for providing valuable information to targeted population regarding health schemes, diseases and health events.  
One of the key highlights while discussing the use of Electronic Media was quoting of  ‘Behaviour Change’ theories on to show how communities have different values along with a discussion their importance for communications to be successful. 

Emerging outcomes

Based on these learnings, a six member group representing the Electronic Media presented a short film “Lallu ka Nirnay” on Family Planning and discussed creation of videos and advertisements that will attract target audiences. The name of the short film was”. The video was greatly appreciated and Mr Nadeem was asked by the District Immunization Officer to share the video so that it could be showcased during the Monthly Review meeting. 

Similarly, in Folk Media, a 10 member team did a play titled “Bechara Majbuti Singh” on Tuberculosis. The team used the script writing training along with training for creation of culture based plots in this play. The act was hugely appreciated by the District Immunization Officer who requested Ms. Ranjana to share the video to share it with the relevant department in the State. 

In the area of Print Media, participants were oriented on the structure and various terms used by the print media like – press release, interviews, case studies, slogans, captions and advertisements. The print media team adopted “Maternal and Child Health” as their theme and used it to create a magazine named “Swasth Darpan” to highlight the use of data and quotes of specialists in news reports, to catch the attention of the reader.

Participants were also taught the importance of being social media friendly in a hi-tech society by the Social Media trainer. The members of the Social Media group were taught the process of forming Whatsapp groups, Facebook Pages and YouTube Channels to share information through these mediums to mobilize society. They then created a Facebook page on their PHC on their concerned blocks and shared the activities or events on Family Planning that had taken place in their blocks.

The participants appreciated the inputs by the CFAR team and suggested that such trainings be conducted at least once a year to enhance their skills and enlighten them more on social mobilization, sensitization and communication.