Medical Audit/Audit of Form F


A major contribution of CFAR in this project was the audit of the filled up Forms-F under the PCPNDT Act submitted by the centres to the district authorities. Audit of Form‐F was carried out on regular basis for the twelve intervention districts. Over one lakh fifty thousand forms were audited from January 2009-2011 and the outcomes periodically shared with the state and district officials.

All information of alternate month provided in the Form-F of each district covered, were inputted in a special program designed for the data analysis. In essence, the audit of Form-F provided some assistance to the project in detecting violations of the Act in terms of reporting system, cast suspicion on the defaulting centres leading to inspections, raids and filing of some cases. Realizing that the Audit can help the implementers in monitoring medical practice, the State Health Directorate itself started the audit of Form‐F with CFAR’s technical help.  Action was also initiated on erring clinics on the basis of CFAR findings.

 The main impact of the Audit of Form-F was:

  • Reporting of Form-F improved in the 12 intervention districts over a period of three years 2009-11
  •  Zonal level workshop  were organized by Medical & Health Department and UNFPA and  CFAR representatives  were invited as master trainers
  • On the basis of the  Audit report, 47 legal complaints were filed against centres and 57 registrations suspended or canceled in 2010-11
  • Directorate of Medical and Health started the audit of Form‐F.

The Audit conducted by CFAR in six districts is very useful. The department has suggested to CFAR to bring the supplementary information from the Audit which will detail the information in the forms.” Hardayal Singh, In-charge State PCPNDT Cell, Rajasthan

We have started regular monitoring of centres who were irregular in sending Form F, based on the Audit report the Advisory committee also decided to cancel the registration of 11 centres.” District Consultation, Chittorgarh, 2011